Why choose Cendyn Ovations? When it comes to SaaS providers, there’s a reason why over 30,000 customers chose Cendyn Ovations as their technology partner. We’re the Number 1 ticket management platform in the corporate ticket industry for over 21 years because of our ability to deliver tangible results, not a bunch of promises.

Industry Leader

Founded in 2001, Ovations was the first ever ticket management software in the industry. We serve the ticket management industry and we act as advocates for your side of the table. Our software is designed to meet the unique challenges we know you face.

Data Integrity

Maintaining SOC, PCI & GDPR compliance, you can ensure your data is always, secure, accurate and reliable.

Flexible & Customizable Software

Everyone's business processes are different. Ovations understands this and offers the most configurable software in the industry, designed to follow your internal processes and meet your needs. We specialize in complex configurations that others cannot and can easily setup detailed business process and flows quickly and easily.

More than Just Tickets

Our solution can easily track all types of entertainment assets such as parking passes, credentials, tee times, gifts and even athlete appearances.

Quick Software Updates

Most system changes & updates can be completed immediately upon request - No need to wait for a long software build/release schedule.


Having never failed an client's internal audit, Cendyn Ovations is the ideal choice for Fortune 500 companies.

Outstanding Customer Service

With dedicated account teams offering 24/7 support, our legendary customer service is raved about from our customers.

True Transparency

We are the only ticket management solution not founded by ticket brokers. Our revenue module is fully transparent and does not include mark-up's or commissions from the secondary market.

Global Scale

Our software is used by over 30,000 customers across 118 countries.

Revenue Delivered

Our platform is proven to reduce ticket waste and maximize ROI.