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Our 19-year head start in ticket and entertainment asset management means we know how to power YOUR program for success.  We work to understand YOUR needs so we can help you maximize ROI while maintaining internal controls for YOUR compliance standards.  With the most customizable suite of solutions in the industry, we  have the tools and expertise to get you there.

Fortune 100 Bank

Cendyn is a great business partner to work with and the client service on the Ovations product is second to none!
Vice President, Ticket Controls & Reporting

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods

When asked why our ticket program is a success the answer is easy.  It's because we use Ovations software and outsourced our account services to their team.
Sr. Director, Corporate Governance

Fortune 100 Media Company

Reports, reports, reports.  The analytics give great insights into my program and the query capabilities save my team countless hours every week.
Vice President, Global Events & Hospitality

About Cendyn

Cendyn's 20-year head start in hospitality technology means we know how to power your marketing, group sales and event profitability. We understand your needs because we’ve sat on your side of the table. We offer the most complete suite of solutions in the hospitality industry, so we know how to get you where you want to go. Find out why 30,000 premier hotels in 143 countries rely on us for their success, and why we have a 98% client retention rate.
Years Serving the Travel Industry
Years Serving the Travel Industry
Properties + Destinations
Properties + Destinations
Countries Across the Globe
Countries Across the Globe

Managing Data AT SCALE

150 Million First Party Profiles
43 Billion Unique Data Elements
1.5 Billion Personalized
Sent Per Year

Driving Revenue AT SCALE

$500 Million In Direct Bookings
Per Year
$1 Billion In Meeting Spend
Per Year
33X Average ROI